<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%> <%OPTION EXPLICIT%> <%Response.Buffer = True%> <% Function SelectFilterItem(item) If Showing = item then SelectFilterItem = "selected" End If End Function '*** Dimension all the variables. Dim ViewLast, Showing Dim objRec Dim strSQL Dim LastHere 'Variables used for paging. Dim intCurrentPage, intCount '*** Open the database. Set objConn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection") Set objRec = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset") objConn.Open strconnect '*** The table headings, Topic, Author and so on can be used to order the messages (much like an email program) this is the code that does it. If Request.QueryString("orderby") <> "" then Session("OrderBy") = Request.QueryString("orderby") End If Select Case Session("Orderby") Case "Topic" objRec.Sort = "MessageTitle ASC" Case "Author" objRec.Sort = "MessageAuthor ASC" Case "Last+Post" objRec.Sort = "LastPost DESC" Case "Replies" objRec.Sort = "Replies DESC" Case Else objRec.Sort = "LastPost DESC" Session("OrderBy") = "Last Post" End Select objRec.cursorlocation=aduseclient StrSQL = "SELECT * FROM messages" If Request.Form("cboSearchType") = "Message Topics" OR Request.Form("cboSearchType") = "Message Authors" Then Session("txtSearchString") = Request.Form("txtSearchString") Session("cboSearchType") = Request.Form("cboSearchType") End If If Session("cboSearchType") = "Message Authors" Then StrSQL = StrSQL & " WHERE MessageAuthor LIKE '%" & Session("txtSearchString") & "%'" End If If Session("cboSearchType") = "Message Topics" Then StrSQL = StrSQL & " WHERE MessageTitle LIKE '%" & Session("txtSearchString") & "%'" End If objRec.Open strSQL, objConn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText '*** Function to compare the date of the users last visit with the date of the last post. Function NewMessages(lpost) If datediff("s", LastHere, lpost) > 1 then NewMessages = MBImgNewMessage Else NewMessages = MBImgOldMessage End If End Function '*** Find out when the user was last here so that new messages can be highlighted. LastHere = Request.Cookies("aspmbuser")("Date") Response.Cookies("aspmbuser")("Date") = now() Response.Cookies("aspmbuser").Expires = Date + 30 '*** If they haven't been here before set the LastHere variable to a value that will highlight all messages as being new. if LastHere = "" then LastHere = dateadd("d",-10,now()) End if '*** Has the user just asked to view the messages updated in a certain time period? See select form field. If NOT Request.Form("days") = "" then ViewLast = Request.Form("days") '*** Write this value to the cookie so that next time the reload the page it will remain the same. Response.Cookies("aspmbuser")("ViewLast") = Request.Form("days") '*** If they haven't asked for a new time filter. Else '*** If there is no value in the cookie, show them all the messages. If Request.Cookies("aspmbuser")("ViewLast") = "" then ViewLast = "ALL" '*** Otherwise take the value from the cookie. Else ViewLast = Request.Cookies("aspmbuser")("ViewLast") End If End If Showing = ViewLast If Session("cboSearchType") = "" then If NOT ViewLast = "ALL" then '*** Subtract ViewLast amount of days from the current date. ViewLast = DateAdd("d",ViewLast, MediumDate(Date())) '*** Create a record set with only the fields from the last x days. objRec.Filter = "LastPost >= #" & MediumDate(ViewLast) & "#" End If End If %> <%=MBTitle%> <% '*** Print out the Body tag. Also a constant found in the config.inc file. Response.Write MBPageBody2 %>


<%=MBImgAddNew%>  <%=MBImgSearch%>


<% '*** The code above makes sure that the correct item in the drop-down box is highlighted. I'm certain that this was poor coding but it worked. '*** The section below prints the heading for the topics table. Notice the link URLs to order it. See above. Images are defined in the config.inc file. %> <% On Error Resume Next If Request.QueryString("page") = "" Then intCurrentPage = 1 Else intCurrentPage = CInt(Request.QueryString("page")) End If objRec.PageSize = MBPageSize If objRec.PageCount > 0 then objRec.AbsolutePage = intCurrentPage Else intCurrentPage = 0 End If Session("CurrentPage") = intCurrentPage Do While objRec.AbsolutePage = intCurrentPage And Not objRec.EOF %> <% objRec.MoveNext Loop '*** Yeah. It's the end of the table. Response.Write "
  <%=MBImgTopic%> <%=MBImgAuthor%> <%=MBImgLastPost%>


<%=NewMessages(objRec("LastPost"))%> <%=FONT1%>


<%=FONT1 & objRec("MessageAuthor")%> <%=FONT1%><%Call DisplayDateTime(objRec("LastPost"))%> <%=FONT1 & objRec("Replies")%>
" Response.Write "

" If objRec.PageCount > 1 then 'Print Previous Page if required If intCurrentPage <> 1 then Response.Write "Previous Page" Else Response.Write "Previous Page" End If 'Print direct access page numbers. For intCount = 1 to objRec.PageCount If intCount = 1 then Response.Write " | " End If If intCount = intCurrentPage then Response.Write intCount & " | " Else Response.Write "" & intCount & " | " End If Next 'Print Next Page if required If intCurrentPage <> objRec.PageCount then Response.Write "Next Page" Else Response.Write "Next Page" End If End If Response.Write "

Page " & intCurrentPage & " of " & objRec.PageCount & _ " | Ordered By: " & Session("orderby") & " | Showing: " Select Case Showing Case "-0" Response.Write "Topics updated today." Case "-1" Response.Write "Topics updated in the last 2 days." Case "-4" Response.Write "Topics updated in the last 5 days." Case "-9" Response.Write "Topics updated in the last 10 days." Case "-29" Response.Write "Topics updated in the last 30 days." Case "-99" Response.Write "Topics updated in the last 100 days." Case "ALL" Response.Write "All topics." End Select Response.Write "" If NOT Session("cboSearchType") = "" Then Response.Write "

Searched for: " & Session("txtSearchString") & "
On: " & Session("cboSearchType") & "
" Response.Write "Remove Search Filter" End If Response.Write "

" '*** Have a tidy. Don't want any of those nast memory leaks. objRec.Close objConn.Close Set objRec = Nothing Set objConn = Nothing %>

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