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So now everyone's a publicity and public relations expert.

No matter where you go on the web, you're never more than a click away from some guy ready to sell you "How To Make A Gazillion Dollars Through Publicity & Public Relations" or "Make Yourself Rich & Famous By Sending Out Press Releases".  According to them, it's all as easy as getting a list of newspapers, clicking "Send" and waiting for the media to fall all over themselves desperately begging to give you publicity.

Too bad it's all a bunch of hogwash

My name's Bill Stoller. I'm a professional publicist. From the day I left college and joined Doremus & Company Public Relations - a major NYC public relations firm - twenty years ago to this very moment, it's been my profession and my passion. I've been paid - and paid a lot - by some of the biggest companies in America to develop public relations strategies designed to generate publicity. I've placed articles in just about every publication in this country, and generated coverage on most every TV show worth mentioning. Multiple times.

Along the way, I've learned every publicity & public relations trick of the trade, every nuance, every twist that can make the difference between a press release in an editor's trash can and nice fat spread in a major newspaper.

And now, I'm ready to share them.

Here's why: For the last 13 years, I've run a successful public relations firm called Stoller & Bard Communications. We've helped make some great products very famous -- Pictionary, Golden Sound Story Books, British Knights sneakers and Bumble Ball to name a few. It's been fun and exciting, but also quite stressful. With every move in the stock market or every wave of hostile takeovers, you worry about your clients. And then you worry about your business.

Who needs that kind of aggravation?

That's why my career has entered a new phase -- one from which you will benefit immensely.

On this site, in our Publicity Insider eZine and in the pages of my new subscription-only newsletter Free Publicity, I'm going to spill my guts. I'm going to share all the cool inside stuff I've learned over two decades in the publicity field. You're going to learn things I wouldn't have told my own brother before now.

It will be my pleasure to be your guide to getting massive publicity & public relations. I'll tell you what works and what doesn't. I'll tell you when you should spend your money and when you should lock up your wallet. I'll tell you why a handful of businesses score free publicity and why the vast majority are just wasting their time.

I'm Bill Stoller, your Publicity Insider. Welcome to the real world of publicity!


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How a stock market crash, the first lady's illness and a bombing mission didn't stop Billy Stoller from winning one for the Gipper (a.k.a. How your humble Publicity Insider got to know as much as he does)

Let the gut spilling begin! My ultimate insider secret to getting PR & Publicity

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