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Hot, Fresh Press Releases from PR Newswire - Daily!

The best way to write a really good press release? Spend lots of time reading really good press releases!

In this section, presents a live PR Newswire feed of press releases. Here you'll find the good (press releases crafted by some of PR's sharpest writers), the bad (press releases filled with hype, fluff and poor writing) and the ugly (you'll know 'em when you see 'em).

Read lots of them, and come back often for the latest press releases. As you read each selection, pretend you're a reporter on the receiving end of the press release. Does it pique your interest? Does the press release  get right to the point? Does it make clear exactly what news it's announcing? Is the press release writing crisp, or soggy as a week-old head of lettuce?

Before long you'll be able to glean which press releases work and discard the rest -- and set to work creating truly bullet-proof press releases of your own.

Please note: The following press releases are fed to us by PR Newswire and are not in the proper press release format (for Bill's tips on proper press release formatting, click here.).

Return to this page often! The press releases are updated by PR Newswire on a continuing basis.


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