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Publicity Insider: PR Tips, Press Release Secrets,
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After 20 years in the public relations business, I'm ready to reveal all my secrets for scoring big publicity for your business. We've got all the insider PR tips and resources you need to succeed. Come on in!


"Boy, talk about substantive! Bill Stoller's Free Publicity newsletter delivers loads of meaty publicity ideas, leads of media needs with publicity contact information and illuminating contributions from publicity pros and media insiders. I'm willing to bet that you'll get new publicity ideas and take-to-the-bank public relations techniques in every issue."

Marcia Yudkin
Author, "Powerful, Painless Online Publicity" 



"Through years of following the solid publicity advice and contacts in Bill's Free Publicity, I've gotten press on my travel books in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Men's Health, Forbes, Newsweek, MSN Money, and a variety of major market newspapers. Some of these publicity features are still sending people to my related websites -- months or years after the story first appeared in print. With all the great publicity I'm getting, business is booming!"

Tim Leffel
Author, Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune

"With the help of Bill's publicity ideas & public relations lessons, I was able to get national attention for my high end pen business. His PR advice centered on realistic public relations expectations, writing media savvy press releases, and teaching the correct way to approach the media. I could have paid a public relations firm $3,000-$5,000 a month to publicize my store, but Bill taught me how to get my own publicity."

Neal Frank, Owner
Santa Fe Pens

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